PhotoCare Eye Protector

Baby Recieving Phototherapy Treatment with PhotoCare

The need to protect babies’ eyes during photo therapy cannot be overemphasized. This need led to the production of PhotoCare eye protectors by Tiny Hearts Technology which are designed to provide neonatal eye protection for babies during jaundice treatment.

During intense phototherapy, babies’ eyes are exposed to retinal damage due to exposure to radiance from light sources therefore covering the eyes of an infant when undergoing phototherapy is a routine. The PhotoCare eye protector from Tiny Hearts Technology acts as blindfolds which protects babies’ eyes from bright light and offers sufficient ventilation to the eyes during phototherapy.

PhotoCare Protective Blindfold
Baby Receiving Treatment Using PhotoCare Protective Blindfold
Baby with Jaundice in Crib A'Glow Phototherapy Unit
Baby Receiving Phototherapy Treatment in a Crib A'Glow Unit

However, pieces of cloths for blindfolding babies during phototherapy treatments was the common practice in most rural areas. Most times, these cloths are not sterile and can cause transfer of many infection from one baby to another thereby exposing young patients to more health challenges while trying to solve one (jaundice treatment). Many of them are also ineffective as the light still filters into the baby’s eyes.

The PhotoCare Eye protector by Tiny hearts Technology is a disposable and protective means of keeping the babies safe during phototherapy treatments. The devise is easy to use, economical and appropriate for newborns, it causes no discomfort and it’s very effective in protecting infants’ eyes from the radiances emitted from light sources.

Benefits of Using PhotoCare Eye Protector

– The special eye pad material blocks harmful radiances emitting from light sources while young patients undergo phototherapy.

– It can be used by both terms and pre-terms since we have different sizes that match the head sizes of young patients.

– It is safe and comfortable to use and remains securely in place because of the headband design used.

– It has no sensitizing reaction, no eye irritating reaction and no pressure on the newborn’s head

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