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Saving Lives At Birth!

We work towards giving infants the chance to live and be healthy, as well as improving access of infants and mothers to a more affordable and quality lifestyle by supporting frontline health workers and producing medical devices & consumables.

What We Do

Crib A'Glow Phototherapy Unit

Crib A'Glow Solar Phototherapy Units

Crib A’ glow Phototherapy unit is a solar-powered, foldable and low-cost phototherapy unit that cures jaundice in new born babies.

PhotoCare Protective Blindfold

PhotoCare Eye Protector

The PhotoCare Eye protector by Tiny hearts Technology is a disposable & protective means of keeping the babies safe during phototherapy treatments.

Supporting Frontline Healthcare Workers

Provision of training and support for Frontline Healthcare workers

Our Services

Production & deployment of Phototherapy Treatment Essentials, procurement & supply of other medical equipments & disposables to hospitals

Our Initiatives

Through our Yellow Alert program, we educate health workers & mothers about neonatal jaundice.

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Farah Homes Estate, Behind Zenith Bank, Yenizuegene, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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Baby Recieving Treatment

Making Phototherapy Treatment Affordable & Accessible for Babies

Globally, an estimated 6 million jaundiced babies do not receive phototherapy treatment because they lack access to effective phototherapy units. The dire consequences of untreated jaundice are cerebral palsy, hearing loss, mental retardation and even death. Our solution is the “Crib A’glow” unit – a solar phototherapy crib for the treatment of jaundice in newborn babies. We provide these units and deploy them to community primary healthcare centres and other medical facilities in nondescript suburban and rural thriving communities to close the gap of COST, ACCESS & ELECTRICITY.

“Being the mother of an affected child, I saw these lapses and sought for solutions by coupling/manufacturing The Crib’Glow solar phototherapy units for use in health centres and homes”

Virtue Oboro

Founder, Tiny Hearts & Inventor of Crib A'Glow Phototherapy Units

Dr Okemena Onotume

Why People Trust Us

Bridging The Gap

We bridge the gap of inaccessible medical devices for maternal and Infant health.

Baby Savers

Over 500,000 babies saved

After Sales Service

We provide after sales services to our customers

Quick Delivery

On time delivery of our devices and consumables

Need a Phototherapy Unit Urgently?

We also rent/lease phototherapy units at ₦3,000 daily.

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Farah Homes Estate, behind Zenith Bank, Yenizuegene, Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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