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We work towards giving infants the chance to live & be healthy, as well as improving access of infants & mothers to a more affordable & quality lifestyle by supporting frontline health workers & producing medical devices & consumables.

Saving lives at Birth

Neonatal Jaundice affects about 60% of  babies born in Nigeria every day. If untreated, this can lead to hearing loss, celebral palsy and even death.

The goal of Tiny Hearts is to educate new mothers about the condition and to make low cost, solar-powered phototherapy units available to hospitals and health centers in surburban and rural communities where access to stable electricity and good healthcare delivery is poor.

We wouldn’t be able to make much impact if we do not put into consideration the frontline health workers. We also make it our aim to support frontline workers.


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Bridging the Gap

We bridge the gap of inaccessible medical devices for maternal and infant health.

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Over 500,000 babies saved from Neonatal Jaundice

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Bridging the Gap

On time delivery of our devices and consumables

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