Yellow Alert Project

A Jaundice Awareness Campaign

Tiny Hearts Technology’s YELLOW ALERT PROJECT was founded in 2016 and focuses on training Community Health Extension Workers, Traditional Birth Attendants as well as nurses, midwives across rural areas in Nigeria. This project began with a basic neonatal jaundice sensitization program until 2018 when our scope expanded to major aspects of maternal and newborn health.

Our core vision is to reduce maternal and child mortality in Nigeria to the nearest minimum so we sensitize pregnant women on health practices during and after pregnancy, advocate for immunization especially for infants below 2 years. Our target beneficiaries are low- and middle-income women in rural and nondescript urban areas in Nigeria.

Our mission is to provide access to maternity & newborn essentials as well as other lifesaving supplies, tools and information that they need to live and be healthy while having their baby and subsequently.

To reduce maternal and infant mortality & morbidity in Nigeria and Africa through improved access to basic healthcare services and personnel, as well as provide innovative medical innovations to promote the health of women and infants.

To improve maternal and child health in Nigeria by providing access to safe maternity and newborn essentials before and after childbirth.

  1. Educate Frontline Health Workers and Traditional Birth Assistants on how to care for jaundiced babies with new technology- Newly improved phototherapy units.

  2. Train Traditional Birth Attendants on how to identify & care for jaundiced babies in rural communities.

  3. Sensitize pregnant and nursing mothers in the area of neonatal jaundice & essential newborn care

  4. Advocate for immunization especially for infants below 2years.

  5. Provision of maternal and infant tools to rural hospitals

  6. Training of frontline health workers- Nurses & Midwives in rural communities, Community Health Extension Workers (CHEWs) and Traditional Birth Attendants (TBAs).