Crib A'Glow Phototherapy Unit

Crib A'Glow Phototherapy Device

Crib A'Glow Phototherapy unit is a solar-powered, foldable and low-cost phototherapy unit that cures neonatal jaundice in new born babies.

The Phototherapy Unit designed by Tiny Hearts Technology is unlike the conventional phototherapy units that uses florescent bulbs which leads to dehydration and other side effects during jaundice treatment.

The Crib A' glow phototherapy unit is very effective for neonatal jaundice treatment because it does not have after-effects like skin burns, rashes and dehydration on the baby due to LEDS light component in it.

Baby Recieving Treatment
Baby Recieving Treatment in A Crib A'Glow Phototherapy Unit
Baby with Jaundice in Crib A'Glow Phototherapy Unit

Jaundice is a lever condition where a baby’s skin and the white part of the eyes appear yellow due to excess bilirubin. Due to possible effects of untreated neonatal jaundice such as palsy, hearing loss and brain damage, instant treatment is recommended once diagnosed in new born babies using the Crib A' glow phototherapy unit designed for this purpose.

The phototherapy unit provides comfort for the young patient and allows mother-child relationship during treatment.

The features embedded in the unit makes it easy to be used in any part of the world including rural areas since it does not require electricity to function therefore all health centres across the globe can access the unit and save children from the effects of untreated jaundice. The foldable nature of the phototherapy unit makes it easy for movement from one place to the other.

Many health centres have tried and attested to its effectiveness, this makes the phototherapy unit a major medical device needed in paediatric units across the globe.

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