March For Infant Health

March For Infant Health

March For Infant Health

The first month of a child’s life – the neonatal, or newborn period – carries the highest risk of death. It is also the most dangerous period for the newborn’s mother. Globally, 2.5 million newborns die each year, more than 1 million newborns die on the first day of life, making the day of birth the most dangerous day for babies in nearly every country.

Infant Mortality is a serious issue that affects our nation’s health.  Infants living beyond their first birthdays is a huge accomplishment for many families.

Tiny Heart Technology is organising a walk in commemoration of the International children’s Day 2021 with theme “March for Infant Health”.

Our aim of the walk is to create awareness for infant health and educate traditional birth attendances, nursing mothers and the general public on ways to curb infant mortality/death and deformity.

March for infant Health aims to increase awareness of avoidable diseases that affect infants.

It is rather sad to know that, illness that affects infants are avoidable and can be dealt with before it gets out of hand but lack of information and knowledge makes  it go the other way round. 

Working together, we can reduce the number of babies that do not live to see their 1st birthday! It’s up to us to make sure that families are equipped with the knowledge to live healthier lives.

Join the March for infant Heath and be part of the generation that ensures that every baby has a chance…

To take their first step.

To say their first word.

To graduate from college.

To become President.

To Celebrate Day 366.

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